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Open Space and Business

The New Jersey Shrinking Dollar.
The New Jersey Shrinking Dollar.

[symple_spacing size=”80″]Question 2 on the ballot for this coming Tuesday asks if you the voter wants to dedicate another two percent of the monies collected from the Corporation Business Tax to create and preserve open space via an amendment to the state constitution. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is not, for one thing what revenue source will be used to replace the two percent taken and how will we know that these funds are not used for some other purpose. After all there is no such thing as a truly Dedicated Fund!

Of course this sounds like a great thing to vote for, but is it? I have to agree it will do things that need to be done, but the State of New Jersey is so far in debt that its’ credit rating is not that great. And what about fixing the economic problems we already have. Such as we do not have a great appeal to any businesses that are thinking of coming into New Jersey. We as a state are not thought as business friendly, in fact we are rated way down the list. So far down the list that we are last! Past administrations and political institutions are partly to blame for this situation and even today the no one wants to really address the basic problem. If more businesses could be attracted to the state, then there really would be no need for the two percent increase that Ballot Question Number 2 asks for. Continue reading Open Space and Business

Massive Airbag Problem

This is a passenger side airbag that might be defective.

If you own a car, there is an excellent chance that it might have a defective front passenger side airbag. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received notification from the following car manufactures BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota that they are conducting limited regional recalls to address a possible safety defect involving Takata brand airbag inflators. Why are they only doing a limited recall and how long did they know about the problems with the airbag inflators?

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Jumpin Jersey Mike’s Very Personal Blog Part 2

[symple_spacing size=”80″]To update everyone the first deadline to pay the property taxes has passed and unless I can come up with the money before the Delinquent Property Tax Sale, December 2nd, I will have to sell my house before then. Which is not the end of the world although it might be that I can not keep my dog, Joey. He is a Dalmatian and weighs about 50 pounds, a bit too big for an apartment. He is my muse and helps me cope with all that is happening. It will break my heart if I can not keep him.

Another problem is that I do not have any savings left at all. I used what I had to pay my bills until I nothing left. My philosophy is to pay my bills in full and now that I can not it kind of makes me feel bad. While I do sell items on Ebay and make a small amount of money doing that, it is not always enough to pay the bills. I have had two part time jobs in the last three years, both during the holidays. It seems to me that there are very few jobs open to me that I can do.

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Will New Jersey benefit from sports wagering?

Atlantic City NJ
Atlantic City NJ

[symple_spacing size=”80″]Will the repeal of laws prohibiting wagering on professional, collegiate and amateur sports help the New Jersey economy?  Senator Lesniak thinks so and Governor Christie must also since he signed it into law.  It means you can make wagers in any Atlantic City casino or at a horse racing track in the State of New Jersey, if and when any one of these venues makes it available.  And of course assuming that the professional and collegiate sports organizations that are now suing to prevent wagering are not successful.

Let us all assume that you can make a wager, what will it do for you as a citizen of this state.  Well it will most likely put a large number of bookmakers out of business and generate revenue for the state that up until now was lost to organized crime.  But, will it save horse racing and/or the Atlantic City casinos?  Who knows what will happen, but what is assumed is that the State of New Jersey will prevail in court and prevent a temporary restraining order from being issued.  After all senate bill S2460 is designed with what the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit said that New Jersey could do.

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