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My NJ Property Tax Solution Part 2

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NJ property taxes too high!

[symple_spacing size=”80″]Just about everyone in New Jersey admits that our property taxes are way too high, even to the point of forcing people to leave the state. In the previous blog I talked about how the Supreme Court of New Jersey has misinterpreted the state constitution, the teachers and state works unions should have their pension changed to union funded, a state constitutional convention to fix the way we fund our schools and that our teachers/administrator/other workers should be paid for by the state. That was a mouthful of recapping and now lets explore some other options.

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The Death of Michael Brown

The verdict is in the death of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson and violence erupted just after it was announced. Some might think the destruction happened because the police officer was exonerated of all charges, others know that there is a more than likely reason. Everyone except for the family of Michael Brown polarized what happened into a purely racial act. When in fact it was not; at least not according to the facts the Grand Jury were presented with. Of course we have not heard from the Feds and what their conclusions might be. Continue reading The Death of Michael Brown

Personal Blog Part 3

[symple_spacing size=”80″]I am sure that some of you have been wondering what is happening to me. Well, the Property Tax Delinquency Sale is on December 2nd and I have until 4:00PM December 1st to pay the 2013 past due property taxes including interest and a fee. And unfortunately for me I do not have the money.

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Chris Christie and the Impossible Dream

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Christie for President?
Christie for President?

Chris Christie’s unofficial march toward occupying the White House seemed like an almost impossible dream when Bridgegate poked its ugly head into the news headlines. Now Governor Brendan Burn says “Last year there was a lot of trouble for Christie — he had Bridgegate and people were wondering about indictments. This year he’s golden. He no longer has any shadows over him. He looks good.” at the Mayor’s Conference in Atlantic City. It is no secret that Christie wants to run for President, the question is really if it is realistic for him to do so. After all he is a left wing conservative politician in a far right wing dominated party. Continue reading Chris Christie and the Impossible Dream