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Is Gun Control really necessary or not?

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Is Gun Control really necessary or not? Those who own guns think nothing should prevent them from owing a gun. And those of the opposing view are of the mind set that no one should own a gun. Who is right or are both wrong! Continue reading Is Gun Control really necessary or not?

The Blizzard of 2015




The predicted so called Blizzard of 2015 that was supposed to have snow measured in feet instead of inches and high speed winds moved out to sea, sparing most of New Jersey, New York and some of Connecticut. The governors in the tri-state area cooperated with the closing of roads and mass transit for the first time. With excellent results, this included the earlier opening of roadways than possible if people had gotten stuck and left their vehicles blocking the clearing effort. Continue reading The Blizzard of 2015

The PARCC Test

 The PARCC Test has become a very controversial test for school age children, it is part of the Common Core standards. Here in New Jersey many parents want their children to be opted out of this test. And many teachers are concerned that too much class time is being diverted toward teaching for the PARCC Test. Please note that I will not go into the possible problems the company who developed this test has nor will I discuss anything about the company’s leadership. Continue reading The PARCC Test

Where have all the Moderates gone?

Home of the political Moderate.
Home of the political Moderate.










Where have all the Moderates gone? All of our news outlets seem to think that there are only Liberals and Conservatives when it comes to politics. Well I got news for them; the vast majority of Americans are Moderates. The media, news or otherwise, seem to think that only the left and right sides of the political spectrum are the only ones that matter. Continue reading Where have all the Moderates gone?