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Has our national commitment lessened?

Has our national commitment lessened over the years to destroy the evils of this world? It would seem so, as the President and Congress seem to be having a problem with committing ground forces to fight ISIS or as they call them ISIL. Yes we have used air power to attack The face of evil!them in Syria, but never have we confronted this group on the ground. We have used surrogates, such as the Kurds, to fight them for us. Continue reading Has our national commitment lessened?

Can we afford to fully fund the New Jersey Pension system?

NJ Captitol building where money is spent







Can we afford to fully fund the New Jersey Pension system? As of yesterday a New Jersey court judge ruled that Chris Christie failed to follow the laws of our state by not fully funding the State Workers Pension system. Of course Governor Christie has already stated that the state will appeal the ruling, the amount we are talking about is $1.57 billion. The total budget for the state for this year is $32.5 billion and if the state does have to pay out almost $2 billion, the big question will be what will have to be cut from the budget. And if nothing is cut what taxes will have to be raised or created to come up with this rather large sum of money. Continue reading Can we afford to fully fund the New Jersey Pension system?

New Jersey’s dumb laws

dumb laws in njWell I think that it is time to talk about New Jersey’s dumb laws, most of which are outmoded. Please note that a number of these laws are now off the books. So relax and have a good laugh.


Drivers must warn those who they pass on highways before they do so. In lawyer speak: Continue reading New Jersey’s dumb laws

What is in your Vitamins?


What is in your vitamins/supplements? Are the items listed on the label really present in the vitamin or supplement that you take, the answer is yes and no. Confusing maybe, but just assuming that everything stated on the label ingredients is in there is something you should not do. The Attorney General of New York State accused four major retailers on February 2nd of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements and demanded that they remove the products from their shelves. Continue reading What is in your Vitamins?