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Chris Christie

Chris Christie for President

Chris Christie has now officially declared himself a candidate in the running for President. The Republicans are fielding a large number of people running for this office, including a woman. Now we will have someone who claims he is a man of the people. Continue reading Chris Christie

Dumb political ideas

Dumb NJ Laws

Some really dumb ideas have come out of the mouths of our New Jersey politicians and that is exactly what I am going to write about!

  Continue reading Dumb political ideas

The race for President

Hillary Clinton Jeb Bush







The race for President of the United States of America is heating up as many candidates have announced that they are officially running for our nations’ highest office. It is a crowded field on the Republican side already and the Democrats have a nice number also in the running. Continue reading The race for President

Do New Jersey’s voter laws need to be fixed?

Upsidedown NJ capitol building


Do New Jersey’s voter laws need to be fixed? Our state representatives seem to think so and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure they become enacted into law. Senate President, Steve Sweeney, is most insistent that changes are needed and the laws we have now are antiquated.

Why is this issue even being addressed and why are they pushing very hard to make these changes so that they are written into the law books? The simple answer is that the Democrats want more voters and they of course need them to be registered Democrats. Per the and the Washington Post Hillary Clinton is urging changes to our state voter laws which will in some way benefit the Democratic Party. What she wants is “federal legislation that would automatically register Americans to vote at age 18 and would mandate at least 20 days of early voting ahead of election days in all states.” Continue reading Do New Jersey’s voter laws need to be fixed?