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Driving in New Jersey

NJ Drivers Manual


Today I thought that I would use this blog as a soap box to express some thoughts. As time has gone by I have noticed more and more bad driving in New Jersey. Some of the people have been of certain groups and the others are new drivers; either to the state or to driving itself. Continue reading Driving in New Jersey

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Presidential Candidate


Bernie Sanders is now surging ahead of Hillary Clinton in the latest Gallop Poll. Per Gallop- “His favorable rating among Americans has doubled since Gallup’s initial reading in March, rising to 24% from 12% as he has become better known. Hillary Clinton’s rating has slipped to 43% from 48% in April. At the same time, Clinton’s unfavorable rating increased to 46%, tilting her image negative and producing her worst net favorable score since December 2007.”

  Continue reading Bernie Sanders

The threat posed by contaminated buildings/sites

North Bunswick Fire


The threat posed by contaminated buildings/sites is a big problem here in New Jersey. There are many abandoned or converted factory sites that have not been cleaned up. You might not know it but New Jersey has a large number of Superfund sites for a state of our size. If you want to see how long this list is use the following link- EPA Cleanup Site list. Continue reading The threat posed by contaminated buildings/sites

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush has a fair amount of appeal for Republicans as he was the Governor of Florida, a heavily populated Hispanic state. He would draw a large amount of the Latin population to his campaign and his wife being from Mexico also is a big help. Continue reading Jeb Bush