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Snow Storm Etiquette

Snow storm


Snow storm etiquette is the topic of this particular blog and I know it needs to be addressed after seeing what happened in the first snow storm of 2016. What is this etiquette that I am talking about? Well it is how we should act towards others and maybe something we should all carry into our everyday world. Continue reading Snow Storm Etiquette

The Blizzard of 2016

Blizzard of 2016


A massive snow storm hit the country and paralyzed whole states as it swept in. It was a blizzard because of the high speed winds which caused whiteout conditions at times.

We knew it was coming because of the weather service predictions, yet it was more than predicted. Unfortunately some here on the East Coast have perished and many were stranded during the height of the blizzard. But must of us survived without a scratch; just a backache from shoveling the large amount of snow covering our driveways and sidewalks. Continue reading The Blizzard of 2016

Beachfront property seizure

New Jersey Shore


Does New Jersey have the right to seize land under emanate domain to build protective dunes which will protect their beachfront homes and the property of others? My short answer is a resounding Yes! For some reason these people and the governments of some of the shore towns are opposing the state about building something that benefits them. Continue reading Beachfront property seizure

The low price of oil

How low will crude oil go?


The low price of oil is down in the price range of under $30.00 and gasoline is selling well under $2.00 for most of the country. But we have to face the fact that low oil prices also hurt the economy. I hinted at this previously on my blog, Has the Dramatic Gas Price Drop Been Good or Bad?, and it now has become true. Continue reading The low price of oil