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The Future of Education

Internet education


Is the future of education for our school aged children based on Charter Schools and over the internet schooling? We now use a system of schooling that while well versed in the lessons needed to pass the PARRC Test has strayed far from the old system based on reading, writing and arithmetic. The problem with the system we have now is that it stresses learning things only needed to pass this test and leaves out things that our children need to know for their lives as working adults. Continue reading The Future of Education

Is the glass half full or empty?

Cruz and Kasich perfect together


Some people see the glass half full or half empty, well to me it is half full as it is filled up and half empty as it is being emptied of its contents. The half full or empty test is a physiological reading on your state of mind. Well I do not subscribe to this test as there is no third option. Maybe both Ted Cruz and John Kasich should take this test as they both seem to have gotten the idea that they should be the sole arbitrators of the Republican Party. Continue reading Is the glass half full or empty?

The failure of government

NJ Senate President


The failure of government makes me ask the following- “Why are our state and local governments failing us?” it is a question that many have been thinking about more and more lately. Our elected officials talk about everything but the high taxes that the people of New Jersey continue to endure.


Well that might have changed as our Governor is now hinting at some form of tax reform. My thoughts are why has the Governor waited so long and can our taxes be lowered to reasonable rates or is it too late to fix this serious problem? Continue reading The failure of government

Is Donald Trump right?

Democratic Republican conventions


Is Donald Trump right, is the system to nominate rigged? Does Hillary Clinton have an unfair advantage over Bernie Saunders, because of Super Delegates? These are the questions that need to be answered here and now. Continue reading Is Donald Trump right?