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It is hot as hell!

Hot Dog!


“It is hot as hell and I can’t take it anymore” would be a good slogan for the weather we have been experiencing these past few weeks. Somehow it feels hotter each Summer and there seems to be almost no Spring. Continue reading It is hot as hell!

No more Google ads

favicon of me


For those who have not yet noticed, the Google ads are now gone! They have been replaced by two ads that show you what I have for sale on my eBay page. The one just below a blog is a Pinterest widget that lets you see a pictorial list of items that are for sale. And what I call the special item of the week, it is shown on the right hand side of the page.


Since practically no one was clicking on the Google ads I made no money on them and some people were complaining about them. Please do take a look at what I have for sale, you might even find something you want or need. Please note that you will need a continental US shipping address to buy.


I hope that you will find my ads less objectionable and they will hopefully help pay the bills to keep this blog going.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

WikiLeaks strikes again!

I have been cheated!


WikiLeaks strikes again and knocks out the Democratic Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz; she became the lighting rod of displeasure for the party’s horrendous bias. Does this mean that Hillary was unfairly chosen as the Party’s choice for President? Continue reading WikiLeaks strikes again!

Justice is blind!

Carlo Bellario


“Justice is blind” it says on many statues standing before courthouses throughout the United States. Yet it seems that it can be both blind and very stupid here in the gun fearing State of New Jersey! Actor/Comedian Carlo Bellario was arrested last year for being caught having an air soft gun in his possession in Woodbridge while acting in a movie. Continue reading Justice is blind!