Monthly Archives: September 2016

The crash in Hoboken

Hoboken Train Terminal


The crash in Hoboken this morning highlights one of the safety problems that NJ Transit has been working on (stalling) for a number of years. Could this accident been avoided if Positive Train Control (PTC) had been in operation? Continue reading The crash in Hoboken

Cell Phone Addiction

Cell phone distraction


Our daily lives have become used to having cell phones to text, call and surf the web with. They have become an addiction for many, especially for Millennials who never knew of a world without them.

Continue reading Cell Phone Addiction

Animals are not property


Animals are not property say two Rutgers Law professors, Gary Francione and Anna Charlton wrote in online publication Aeon that “We oppose domestication and pet ownership because these violate the fundamental rights of animals.” Continue reading Animals are not property

All I heard


All I heard this weekend was about the bombs that either went off or were found in the NY-NJ area. It seems so fantastic that they were the work of one man and it is almost impossible to think that this was the work of someone so incompetent. Continue reading All I heard