Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Great Debate

Donald Trump-Clinton


The great debate of who should be President of the United States is going on, whether or not you have formed an opinion as of yet many people have. There are staunch supporters both for Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton. Continue reading The Great Debate

You can make a difference!

New Jersey Future


You can make a difference! Yes you the tax payer/voter, this is the second time that New Jerseyans have stopped the Gas Tax Hike bill from being voted on. If we work together toward a reasonable goal we the people can exert enough influence upon our politicians to make them do what we want. Continue reading You can make a difference!

Scary Clowns

Scary Clown


Scary clowns are showing up all over the United States causing the local police to suggest that kids dressing up for Halloween not go out as a clown.


Are they dangerous or just kids or other fools just being stupid? Continue reading Scary Clowns