Monthly Archives: November 2016

Recount of Votes

Wisconsin recount


As I am writing this both Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are both waiting for a recount of votes from the state of Wisconsin. Many called the election a fraud and implied, if not outright said that Donald Trump stole the election. Continue reading Recount of Votes

Personal blog- Somewhere over the Rainbow

End of the rainbow


This is an update on my personal situation and I thought that I would start out with a song, it is based on the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” – Continue reading Personal blog- Somewhere over the Rainbow

Shootings of Police Officers

Police Shooting


This week there have been shootings of police officers, some might try to connect them with Trumps’ election and others might think that they are acts of domestic terrorism. With all the turmoil caused by the election of Trump, many blame him for what is happening. What is the truth? Continue reading Shootings of Police Officers

Update on New Jersey

Map of New Jersey


This is going to be an update on New Jersey. What has happened to shape our local world and those things outside of this state that are causing us problems here are the items I am going to talk about


Let me start this off by saying that it seems that while Donald Trump has won the Presidency, he has not won the hearts and minds of the people of this state. This does put Chris Christie at a huge disadvantage, his star has fallen. Continue reading Update on New Jersey