Monthly Archives: February 2017

President Trump and the Press Corps

Trump and the press


President Trump and the Press Corps seem be at odds. The President has locked out certain news reporters from the daily news briefing. Is this a threat to the freedom of the press? Continue reading President Trump and the Press Corps

Electronic crash avoidance for cars

Crash avoidance systems


As I watch television I am noticing more and more car manufacturers touting their version of an electronic crash avoidance system. It makes me wonder what happened to paying attention to the road when you are driving. Continue reading Electronic crash avoidance for cars

Trend toward cities

trend toward cities


The moving trend toward cities has me wondering why the people who fought to have low cost housing built in the suburbs still are fighting for more housing in areas of this state that have little to no public transportation. Continue reading Trend toward cities

The Trump dynasty

Trump and Ivanka

The Trump dynasty has its hands in many businesses and one of them is a line of fashion products by the President’s daughter Ivanka.


Well one of the President’s advisors, Kellyanne Conway gave a free endorsement to Ivanka’s line of fashion products in an interview on Fox News. And of course everyone became very upset that she did this. Continue reading The Trump dynasty