Monthly Archives: March 2017

Bridgegate is over, now what?



Bridgegate is over, so what now and where are we heading? Bridget Kelly, Bill Baroni and David Samson all have been sentenced for their parts in the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge. Samson got off way to lightly while Kelly and Baroni got somewhat more punishment. Continue reading Bridgegate is over, now what?

Healthcare what next?

Heathcare reform failure


Healthcare what next? Since the Republicans failed last week to pass their replacement version for Obamacare President Trump says he will move on to his next item on his list. Continue reading Healthcare what next?

Our bus/rail nightmare

New Jersey Transit


Our bus/rail nightmare must be fixed! New Jersey roads in Northern and Central Jersey are becoming parking lots during rush hour. Continue reading Our bus/rail nightmare

Should we go to Mars?

mission to mars


Should we go to Mars? Today President Trump signed a bill authorizing monies for NASA to explore sending human beings to Mars. Continue reading Should we go to Mars?