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Kim Guadagno

Kim Guadagno


Today I continue with one of the Republican candidates for governor, Kim Guadagno who right now is the Lieutenant Governor.

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Is the United Nations relevant today?

United Nations


Is the United Nations relevant today? With the latest news that Saudi Arabia has been elected to the Women’s Rights Commission, this is another slap in the face for the people of the United States as the Saudis do not let their female population have any real rights at all. Continue reading Is the United Nations relevant today?

Raymond Lesniak

Ray Lesniak


Raymond Lesniak the off then on again candidate for Governor has been a Democrat State Senator for many years is a bit of a mystery because of his progressive stance on government. And yet he is for legalized sports betting, against the death penalty (he was one of the driving forces behind striking it down), for legalizing marijuana, for a 21 year old drinking age, for additional teacher benefits and yet he is for the state paying quarterly pension payments. Continue reading Raymond Lesniak

Time to go back to the Moon

The Moon

Time to go back to the Moon! Yes I said the Moon and not Mars. We should first establish a orbiting space station going around the Moon that could serve as assembly/construction facility to produce a spacecraft that could go all the way to Mars. Continue reading Time to go back to the Moon