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Phil Murphy Part 4

Phil Murphy


Today I will blog about Phil Murphy and his view on Education. Just as a side note this will be the last one for awhile on this candidate, I will do a blog on the Republican candidate Kim Guadagno next week. Continue reading Phil Murphy Part 4

What now Mr. Trump?

Trump at Carrier

What now Mr. Trump? Carrier is laying off about 600 workers at one of its Indiana plants. This is the same plant that before Trump became President where a deal of $7 million in incentives was struck to prevent layoffs. Continue reading What now Mr. Trump?

Phil Murphy Part 3

Phil Murphy


Now let us look at Phil Murphy and his views on New Jerseys economy. Continue reading Phil Murphy Part 3

Central Heating and Cooling


For some time now I have been thinking about getting a new Central Heating and Cooling system so I thought that I would talk about that today. Continue reading Central Heating and Cooling