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Kim Guadagno Part 4

Kim Guadagno


This blog will be on Guadagno’s and growing New Jersey jobs. Continue reading Kim Guadagno Part 4

Why is a station wagon safer?

station wagon


Why a station wagon is better to drive than either a pickup truck or a SUV (sports utility vehicle) is the subject of today’s blog. Continue reading Why is a station wagon safer?

Kim Guadagno Part 3

Kim Guadagno


I will continue now with part 3 on Kim Guadagno, Republican candidate for Governor.


Today I will zero in on how Guadagno wants to improve education in New Jersey. Let us start with what is on her website, ‘Improving Education’ is the header- Continue reading Kim Guadagno Part 3

Forfeiture of assets

Jeff sessions US Attorney General


Jeff Sessions, our United States Attorney General, has jumped into the deep end with his announced development to increase forfeiture of assets. Continue reading Forfeiture of assets