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What is wrong with New Jersey

Map of New Jersey

What is wrong with New Jersey? Our roads are falling apart, over development in many areas, high local taxes and politicians that will not listen to the people of this state is what is wrong! Continue reading What is wrong with New Jersey

North Korea

North Korea

North Korea keeps pulling the tail of the United States and the rest of the world with the most recent successful test of a long range missile that could carry a nuclear warhead. Continue reading North Korea

Obstacles on the road

Where all the hot air is!

Obstacles on the road to New Jerseys economic resurgence still exist today when other states have thriving economies. What is wrong here in New Jersey? Continue reading Obstacles on the road

Flea and tick infestation

Life Cycle of the flea


If you think nothing worse could happen this year to your animals, then you are just dead wrong! The flea and tick infestation worldwide is worse than ever. Continue reading Flea and tick infestation