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Keep the party faithful happy

End of the rainbow


Mr. Murphy is maintaining that he needs to raise more money to pay for what he perceives as necessary expenditures to keep the party faithful happy. And yet he says that Kim Guadagno would be just a continuation of Chris Christy’s policies. Continue reading Keep the party faithful happy




Today I will talk about what most incorrectly call drones when talking about civilians flying their quadcopters. What they are remotely controlled vehicles that may or may not carry a camera; the people flying them are not out to spy on you. Continue reading Drones

Just say No, to new taxes!

2017 campaign


Just say no, to new taxes and other rate hikes! Phil Murphy and his Democratic cronies are just biding their time until after the election when they will raise everything that they can. Continue reading Just say No, to new taxes!

History could repeat itself

Two nuts


History could repeat itself if those who are in charge of this country’s safety do not heed the historical path that lead to World War II. Continue reading History could repeat itself