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lorde grammys

Well the Grammys have come and gone this year, but not without some controversy. Lorde made a MeToo statement that was appropriate and done without being disruptive. A letter on the back of her gown made a very powerful statement. Continue reading Lorde

New Jersey’s financial problems

Phil Murphy the Governor and taxes

Can the new Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, come up with a realistic way to fix New Jersey’s financial problems? Continue reading New Jersey’s financial problems

Why you need a dash camera

Dash camera


Why you need a dash camera for your car is that today your word is not always good enough in court to prove that you were in the right and having a camera recording what is happening is proof positive of what really happened. Continue reading Why you need a dash camera

Goodbye and Welcome Governor


Phil Murphy the Governor

Goodbye and welcome is the theme of today’s blog. On Tuesday Governor Murphy was put into office and ex-governor Christie was out. So I thought that a song might be appropriate for ex-governor Christie. Continue reading Goodbye and Welcome Governor