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Mental health and guns

Guns and mental health

President Trump, per CBS Newssays it is “actively exploring” ways to help states expand inpatient mental health treatment using Medicaid funds.” So the window seems to be opening for those who need help to be able to get it. Continue reading Mental health and guns

The Flu


The flu is still out there killing people here in New Jersey and there are some individuals who are looking to get a flu shot. Continue reading The Flu

Gun control and mental health

Florida shooting


Our society is going crazy about gun control right now due to what has happened in Florida and other states. This is a parallel to what happened at the turn of the last century (20th) and the anarchists. Continue reading Gun control and mental health

Mr Murphy we do not need

Gun Ban


Mr. Murphy we do not need more restrictive gun laws. What we need is for those on the books to be enforced and some of the crazy ones removed or rewritten. Continue reading Mr Murphy we do not need