Monthly Archives: May 2018

Princeton Battlefield saved!

Princeton Battlefield

Maxwell’s Field has been saved from development. Per the American Battlefield Trust, “The Institute for Advanced Study and the American Battlefield Trust have closed on the Trust’s $4 million purchase of 14.85 acres associated with the 1777 Battle of Princeton. The land, adjacent to the current Princeton Battlefield State Park, will be preserved while enabling the Institute to complete construction of new housing for its faculty on its campus.Continue reading Princeton Battlefield saved!

Roseanne Barr’s downfall

Roseanne Barr

Today Roseanne Barr found out what happens when you do a tweet that can be taken as nothing else other than a racist remark. Continue reading Roseanne Barr’s downfall

Murphy just does not get it!

NJ gas tax rip-off

Governor Murphy just does not get it! This October what you pay for gasoline will more than likely go up by two to four cents raising the gas tax to at least twenty five cents per gallon. Continue reading Murphy just does not get it!

Ticket or click it

Click it or ticket

It is that time of year, time for “Click it or ticket!” Yes if you do not wear a seat belt, you better do it for the next two weeks. Continue reading Ticket or click it