Monthly Archives: June 2018

Murphy and the Democrats

Phil Murphy Vs Sweeney

Governor Murphy and the Democrats are at odds over the 2019 State Budget. Murphy sees one shot deals and unwise taxes while his fellow Dems just see more money to spend. Continue reading Murphy and the Democrats

Driverless cars

Self driving car

Driverless cars, are they Good or Bad idea?

Per, “a truly driverless car must be capable of navigating to a destination, avoiding obstacles, and parking without any human intervention. Continue reading Driverless cars

Shutdown of our state government

NJ state budget

Will the 2019 New Jersey State budget pass and get signed by Governor Murphy on time or will there be a shutdown of our state government? Continue reading Shutdown of our state government

Space Force


Space Force is what President Trump wants the Pentagon to form. It would be a branch of the military. Continue reading Space Force