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Slavery boycott

Boycotting and/or name changing of buildings named after slave owners is another attempt to rewrite US history.

One of the latest places being boycotted is Faneuil Hall in Boston Massachusetts. Continue reading Boycotting

A raspberry for ‘Political Correctness’

Bronx Cheer

A raspberry (or a Bronx Cheer) for ‘Political Correctness’ is in order to Governor Murphy and the rest of the far Left Progressives.

Yesterday two radio hosts, Dennis and Judi on 101.5, called the Attorney General “turban man” because of his call for suspension of marijuana offenses by municipal prosecutors. The Attorney General is a Sikh and thus does wear a turban as part of his religious belief. Continue reading A raspberry for ‘Political Correctness’

We made a mistake

China trade

Why we made a mistake by moving manufacturing to China is the subject of this blog. Now that President Trump has put tariffs on many Chinese produced products we the American consumer are about to suffer a large uptick in the cost of buying those items produced in China. Continue reading We made a mistake

Driving in New Jersey

Truck hog

Driving in New Jersey is getting worse! Between the poor condition of our roadways, the bad drivers (both in and out of state) and the crazy pedestrians most drivers are opting to drive badly. Continue reading Driving in New Jersey