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Toll roads

NJ Turnpike tolls

Why do we need toll roads? The cost a typical commuter from New Brunswick to the Lincoln Tunnel is $6.50 and the daily cost without parking fees (gas, insurance, etc.) is $21.50, for a total of $35.50 (not including the tunnel toll). Continue reading Toll roads

The art of compromise


The art of compromise seems to be dying, at least politically.

With the death of Senator John McCain the Republicans have lost one of those politicians who knew how to work with the political opposition across the aisle to find a compromise that works for the majority. Continue reading The art of compromise

Condo rentals are bad!

Condo rentals

Condo rentals are hurting the entry level home owner market in my humble opinion here in New Jersey. Why? Because by buying a condo and renting it out people who cannot afford to buy a free standing house are being locked out of the marketplace. Continue reading Condo rentals are bad!

Made in America

Made in America

Made in America should be on more manufactured goods. It is time to stop manufacturing so many products overseas and bring back American made into the buying lexicon of world’s purchasing public. Continue reading Made in America