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Opioid abuse

Drug abuse help

Opioid abuse has dropped nationwide, except here in New Jersey.

Something is very wrong here in the Garden State! There has been a 700% rise in drug abuse with 14,000 overdoses. Continue reading Opioid abuse

Ethanol is not the solution!


Why ethanol is not the solution to our energy needs.

For one thing it does not produce as much energy as gasoline. Per the US Department of Energy, “Ethanol contains less energy per gallon than gasoline, to varying degrees, depending on the volume percentage of ethanol in the blend. Continue reading Ethanol is not the solution!

Illegal immigrant drivers licenses good?

Illegal Immigrant license

Would giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses make our New Jersey roadways safer?

According to those who favor doing this, Continue reading Illegal immigrant drivers licenses good?

Trump and tweeting

Trump tweeting

Should President Trump stop Tweeting?

President Obama used a Blackberry modified to make it just about unhackable and those who has his presidential email address were very limited. Per NBC News, “Initially, it seemed, the president was going to give up the device once he took office because of security and legal issues. Presidential e-mails also can be subpoenaed. Continue reading Trump and tweeting