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Where was Governor Phil Murphy?

Hudson River Tunnel damage

Yesterday Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York meet with President Trump about the Gateway tunnel project, where was Governor Phil Murphy?

An important project that directly impacts New Jersey Continue reading Where was Governor Phil Murphy?

Insight Lander on Mars

InSight Lander

You might have heard that the Insight Lander has successfully landed on Mars, well here is the Martian viewpoint.

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Today is Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Sale

Today is Thanksgiving a time to give thanks for the many blessings that are bestowed upon us. And yet this holiday like all the others has been commercialized so that the merchants we buy from will make a profit. Continue reading Today is Thanksgiving

Going paperless

Going paperless

Going paperless is the byword of many companies, including those that consumers have to interaction with.

The big questions you should be the following two. Continue reading Going paperless