Insight Lander on Mars

InSight Lander

You might have heard that the Insight Lander has successfully landed on Mars, well here is the Martian viewpoint.

Flash #1 from All Mars News

Another spacecraft has arrived from Earth today with a boom. Local officials are looking to charge it with breaking their noise ordinances. Also local landowner looking to sue NASA for squatting on his land. It seems this is happening far too often for his liking.

Flash #2 from All Mars News

There goes the neighborhood as the Insight Lander has just taken even more room to get power. It seems that NASA does not want to pay the hookup fees to Mars Light & Power, all Mars thinks that NASA is just a bunch of cheapskates!

Flash #3 from All Mars News

Insight Lander has now started drilling without permission. Making quite a racket and disturbing the whole neighborhood. Martian politicos are looking into starting eviction procedures for this new very noisy neighbor!

Local landowner loses suite to NASA over illegal squatting as he did not have no trespassing signs out as required by local laws.

Flash #4 from All Mars News

All Mars is waiting to see if Insight Lander will cleanup the mess it has made.

Local authorities are up in arms about the drilling mess that the lander has made. Neighbors are complaining about both the noise and dirt all over the area.

Flash #5 from All Mars News

Local authorities have won case against NASA over their latest lander, Insight Lander. Now preparing to travel to Earth to get compensation. Will be contacting Orson Welles to represent them, as they loved his ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast.

Flash #6 from All Mars News

All Mars News now to be renamed Fox Mars News as Rupert Murdoch has agreed to acquire All Mars News for 2000 liters of water transport to Mars included.

Flash #1 from Fox Mars News

No Martians here on Mars according to Donald Trump, President of United States. Martians say ‘Fake News!’

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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