Monthly Archives: December 2018

Idling in New Jersey equals ticket

Cars surrender to the snow

Did you know that idling your vehicle too long can get you a ticket, whether or not it is on private or public property? And you must clean the snow off your vehicle before driving away. Continue reading Idling in New Jersey equals ticket

O Border Wall

Border Wall

Today our government is shutdown and no not just for the holiday of Christmas, the shutdown is all about a border wall. The one President Trump wants to prevent illegal aliens from crossing over into the United States from Mexico. Continue reading O Border Wall

Report Card for Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy

This is the first year in office for Governor Phil Murphy, so here is my version of a report card. I would give him a C- for his first elected position.

I will start with his campaign promises. Continue reading Report Card for Phil Murphy

A hand-up, economically

Poverty level

We the people of the United States of American must stop thinking each holiday season of giving handouts, but instead we should be giving a hand-up to those who need and want it. For it is far past the time that we Americans come to the realization that giving away toys and food at Christmas only makes us feel good and does nothing to address the root causes of poverty. Continue reading A hand-up, economically