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Peeping tom law changes

Peeping toms and drones

New Jersey politicians are advancing changes to the state’s Peeping Tom laws, so if you fly a drone with a camera it is possible in the future that you might be charged as a peeping tom.

Per NJ101.5, fourteen legislators are sponsoring a “law would also cover drones that photograph or videotape someone when they should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Under the proposed law, it would be a fourth degree offense for observing someone who has a reasonable expectation of privacy or hovering over a dwelling or school, and a more serious, third degree offense for photographing or recording someone without their permission, again when a reasonable person would expect not to be observed.Continue reading Peeping tom law changes

Hobbyist drones

drone and criminals

So many have come to think of hobbyist drones as a threat to the security of our nation, when in truth the true threat is elsewhere. Also commercial interest in delivery drones has caused much pressure against regular Americans who like to fly these miniature aircraft. Continue reading Hobbyist drones

The case against brining

Brining roadway

The case against brining is the topic of today’s blog. Is it good for you, your vehicle and the environment?

Per NJ 101.5, “it’s more likely to stay and work where it lands, creating a safer path for motorists. Continue reading The case against brining

Trump has declared an emergency

Trump and the Wall

President Trump has declared an emergency so the wall between us and Mexico can be completed. In reaction 16 states have filed a lawsuit to stop Trump. Continue reading Trump has declared an emergency