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The Rain Tax is coming

Rain Tax

Warning, warning New Jersey tax payers- The Rain Tax is coming. Yes I said a tax on rain!

Per ROI, “local municipalities and counties will be allowed to create stormwater utilities. The intent and purpose of the legislation is to allow these stormwater management utilities to control the amount of stormwater runoff and pollutants washing into New Jersey’s existing sewer systems and waterways. The legislation also proposes that the stormwater utilities be funded by fees assessed against property owners. The legislation applies to all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Although some legislators state that the intent of the legislation is not to assess fees against residential properties, there is not an exception for residential property owners.” Also the “legislation would allow a stormwater utility to “charge and collect reasonable fees and other charges in an attempt to recover (the) stormwater utility’s costs for stormwater management.” As stated in the legislation, “(t)hese fees and other charges could be charged to and collected from the owner or occupant, or both, of any real property from which originates stormwater runoff which directly or indirectly enters the stormwater management system or the waters of the state.” The fees are to be “based on a fair and equitable approximation of the proportionate contribution of stormwater runoff from a real property.” There are, however, allowances for partial fee reductions or credits for any property that maintains or operates a stormwater management system that complies with the state and local stormwater management standards. The legislation further allows for liens to be placed against real property for unpaid fees, similar to unpaid real estate taxes.Continue reading The Rain Tax is coming