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Low polluting, high mileage vehicle

Hybrid vehicle

Here is my idea for a very low polluting, high mileage vehicle. What I propose is that an constant speed engine running in the most power efficient horsepower operating (power) band that would drive an alternator which would in turn move the vehicle via electric motors driving each wheel directly. This would result in a vehicle that could travel longer distances than either a hybrid or pure battery powered versions. Continue reading Low polluting, high mileage vehicle

Acting impulsively

Kate Smith

Acting impulsively without all the facts seems to be what is fashion these days. I will by example look at the Kate Smith controversy.

From the Federalist, “It was announced this week that both the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers would stop Continue reading Acting impulsively


Wasted tax money

This past Tuesday you most likely filed your state and federal taxes and while doing so you found out that you could not deduct more than $10,000 of your property taxes.

A typical property property tax bill is $8767.00 per NJ101.5 and here is a property tax calculator for your entertainment, please don’t pass out when you look at what those in other states are paying. Continue reading Taxes


Notre Dame

Yesterday Notre Dame Cathedral was severely damaged by fire, only the stone walls are left. My condolences go out to all Catholics. This cathedral is one of most recognized landmarks in France besides the Eiffel Tower. Continue reading Fire