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Getting from here to there

Getting from here to there in New Jersey is not always so easy as it should be. What has to be done to fix this problem follows.

So let me give you an example of how badly our transportation network is. If I want to travel from Kendall Park to Newark using a bus I would have to take the bus from Kendall Park to New Brunswick. Continue reading Getting from here to there

Is Plastic Recycling dying?

Is plastic recycling dying? First China stopped taking most plastics as of last year, now Malaysia and the Philippines are returning plastic trash that was illegally sent to them. So other countries really don’t want our plastic garbage to recycle anymore. What can we do? Continue reading Is Plastic Recycling dying?

George Norcross

It seems even those who have are politically naive can do something that accidentally will help the New Jersey taxpayer. Governor Murphy has George Norcross and company in his sights about the misuse of tax credits by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Per the Observer Continue reading George Norcross



Letting China be our go to manufacturing base has and is bad for the United States in so many ways. I will give you my insights and thoughts on why we need to restore our own industrial base.

From a Newsweek article, Continue reading China