Monthly Archives: June 2019

No government shutdown!

Phil Murphy the Governor and taxes

No government shutdown will happen in New Jersey. Governor Murphy says he will sign it by the Sunday deadline.

Murphy said that, “Going into our July Fourth holiday, I cannot and I will not subject our residents to the inconveniences they would suffer under a government shutdown. I want our families to know that come Monday, July 1 our investments in them will be made without delay and that state services will be available to them.Continue reading No government shutdown!

Is it just me?

Is it just me or are the Democratic presidential candidates stumbling over each other to appear as the most progressive?

Did you know that twenty-four people are officially running? Yes I said twenty-four. Continue reading Is it just me?

New Dog Adopted

Today I will talk about the new dog I adopted. Some of you might have noticed the picture of a dog on the main page. That dog was my Joey who I had to put down last Summer due to multiple illnesses which could not be cured and were causing him to be in pain. Continue reading New Dog Adopted

Diversity is not the name of the Game!

Diversity is not the name of the game! Harvard has rejected a Parkland school shooting victim, Kyle Kashuv because he made racist comments online as a teenager.

Kashuv wrote on Twitter the following, Continue reading Diversity is not the name of the Game!