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The Drone Myth

The drone myth about what a drone can see is the topic for today’s blog. Can it see you in great detail either in your home or outside? Above is a photograph I took with my drone that uses a GoPro Hero 4 camera at an altitude of 205 feet. Continue reading The Drone Myth

Put his Political Foot Down

Phil Murphy Progressive

I have give Governor Murphy the credit that he put his political foot down and got rid of those at the Schools Development Authority who got hired under the umbrella of their political connections. Continue reading Put his Political Foot Down

Totally Politically Polarized

The political spectrum

Our country is totally polarized politically and that is a very bad thing to have happen. The television networks and those newspapers that are left, have convinced the American public that there is only the Left (Progressives) and the Right (Conservatives). That is patently not true, there is a large portion that are Moderates. We Moderates comprise a much larger part of the political universe than people think. Continue reading Totally Politically Polarized


You would think that ‘Respect should be given to women who have been raped’ and yet two New Jersey judges seemed to forget that maxim. Continue reading Respect