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NJ District map

Gerrymandering seems to be a political tradition here in New Jersey. The way the districts are right now, the map looks crazy and it favors the Democrats.

Take a look at the districting map and you will see a very convoluted method of political thinking. Continue reading Gerrymandering

Greta Thurnberg


Greta Thurnberg and the rest of the environmental activists do not understand that they are mostly wrong in their thinking.

While mankind does need to cut back on our pollution of the planet, we need to turn towards Mother Nature for the answers on how to cut back on the CO2 pollution problem. Continue reading Greta Thurnberg

Fake Farms in New Jersey

Fake farms

There are many fake farms in New Jersey. A state that has very high property taxes should not encourage this and yet there are individuals who do not pay the full amount because they claim they are farms when in reality they are not. Continue reading Fake Farms in New Jersey

Drone Panic

drone and criminals

Drone panic is now even worse since the attacks on two separate Saudi Arabia major oil facilities. It now seems to officials that every toy drone could be potentially used to attack us.

The reality is that the toy drone that you can buy in a store or online is not what the terrorists are using. They are too small to carry a large enough payload of explosives to do any real damage. Continue reading Drone Panic