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Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of Thanksgiving I thought it would be nice to write a short poem expressing myself on this special day. May you enjoy the poem and have a truly happy holiday! Continue reading Thanksgiving

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar

Is Ilhan Omar an agent for a foreign power?

The answer seems to be yes! At least according to two different sources and one of them has testified in a Florida court to that effect. Continue reading Ilhan Omar

Lame Duck

New Jersey Future

Lame duck legislative shenanigans are in the works.

Our wonderful legislature can not agree on a bill that would allow the public to legally buy and use marijuana. Instead of working with the Governor they now are moving toward having you the voter decide on election day if you want it or not. Continue reading Lame Duck

Trump’s Impeachment Hearings

Trump tweeting

Trump’s impeachment hearings are going on now and I thought that I might go back in history with some thoughts of my own on Presidential actions that have been done in the past that might have wrong. Continue reading Trump’s Impeachment Hearings