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Sheep disguised as vigilantes!


As we await the spreading of the Covid-19 virus across the United States, Americans have become more and more paranoid. Many are acting like a bunch of sheep disguised as vigilantes in many cases. Continue reading Sheep disguised as vigilantes!

Corvid-19 Marches on

NYC Corvid-19

As the days now look like that they will turn into weeks or even worse months, the Corvid-19 virus marches on through the United States and throughout the globe.

Will social distancing work, can stay in place help and what will stop this pandemic are all things on our minds today. Continue reading Corvid-19 Marches on

Covid-19 crisis goes on and on


The Covid-19 crisis goes on and on. And some political officials think it could be months before things return to normal.

Governor Cuomo of New York said this today about healthcare workers, Continue reading Covid-19 crisis goes on and on

New Jersey is closed!

New Jersey is closed!

By order of the governor- New Jersey is closed! Well that is what it seems like to me and the owners of the shops and stores that are now closed.

Executive order #104 states the following (per Governor Murphy’s website): Continue reading New Jersey is closed!