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Should America Reopen Now?

Pening America

Should America reopen now and should there be a new normal?

Per IHME the curve is now flat and has been since about April 5th. Continue reading Should America Reopen Now?

Stay at home Phil

New Jersey is closed!

Stay at home Phil (Murphy) is at it again! The state health department closed Atilis Gym in South Jersey claiming there were health code violations (Covid-19 shutdown order).

From NBC 10 Philadelphia, “A spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Health emailed NBC10 a copy of its closure order. Continue reading Stay at home Phil

Covid-19 statistics are false!

Covid-19 update

Covid-19 statistics are false! Due to two factors, accuracy of testing and who really died from Covid-19.

From ARUP Laboratories they concluded the following, Continue reading Covid-19 statistics are false!

Phil Murphy is no leader!

Phil Murphy the Governor

Phil Murphy is no leader! Some have come to think that our governor is a responsible leader, I and many other do not.

From WPG Talk Radio, “It’s hard to know if the Governor is just “acting out an abundance of caution” or he enjoys ruling over his subjects like a dictator. Continue reading Phil Murphy is no leader!