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History Repeating Itself

Spanish Flu 1918

History repeating itself is today’s topic.

I don’t know if you have or have not heard about the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, but it was the deadliest pandemic the world has ever known. Continue reading History Repeating Itself

Murphy and his Covid-19 Mania

New Jersey and Covid-19

It is time to stop Murphy and his Covid-19 mania. The man is too secretive about his data and much too arbitrary in his decision making on this pandemic. Continue reading Murphy and his Covid-19 Mania

Coronavirus Pandemic Physiological Effects

Mob mentality

The Coronavirus pandemic psychological effects are showing their unwanted heads by now for most, if not all of us. Continue reading Coronavirus Pandemic Physiological Effects

Murphy at it again!

Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey is at it again! He is calling those who come from a list of states who Murphy sees as hot beds of the corona virus (Covid-19) and do not self quarantine if they come to New Jersey as ‘Knuckleheads.’ Continue reading Murphy at it again!