Monthly Archives: August 2020

Gyms to open


Did you hear that Governor Murphy will now allow gyms to open? But he won’t allow indoor dinning at all.

Beginning September 1st gyms will be allowed to operate Continue reading Gyms to open

Real truth about the Post Office


The real truth about the Post Office (USPS), not the political spin that some want you to believe. As a point of information I am a moderate and am more or less disillusioned with both our two major political parties. I must state that I am a registered member of one of the two parties, but I vote for who I think would best serve the electorate. Continue reading Real truth about the Post Office

Stop the Madness!

New Jersey and Covid-19

It is time to sue Phil Murphy to stop the madness!

Governor Murphy has become a dictator and he must be stopped. The people who framed our state constitution Continue reading Stop the Madness!

Keeping your beloved pet

Choosing between keeping your beloved pet and paying your bills is a very tough thing that no one should have to do. The pandemic has caused many people to be laid off temporarily or even permanently. Continue reading Keeping your beloved pet