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No blog today!

No blog today due to the retina of my left eye has a tear. Can not see anything from that eye,

Doctor says it can be fixed and I will be able to see.

Will update when I can.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

Second Debate

Trump Biden debate

Tonight President Trump and Vice President Biden will hold their second debate. It should be interesting, but I am going to go off on a tangent. Continue reading Second Debate

Mail-in Voting

NJ mail in ballot

Will mail-in voting cause major problems in New Jersey? This is a Presidential election year and for the first time New Jersey is going with mail-in ballots except for those who are disabled. Continue reading Mail-in Voting

Amy Coney Barrett nomination

Judge Barrett

Today the hearing on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is taking place. Many Democrats are up in arms about Trump pushing her through just before the election. But, did you know that this has happened many times before? Continue reading Amy Coney Barrett nomination