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Thanksgiving Video

Today’s blog is a video one.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike





Phil Murphy the Governor

As I sit here typing on a borrowed desktop system the weather has turned much colder and it feels like Fall is leaving and Winter is arriving. As Thanksgiving fast approaches our wonderful (not!) governor Phil Murphy has now ordered restaurants and bars to close at 10:00 PM. Plus no sitting at the bar and no indoor sports either. Continue reading Thanksgiving


The coronavirus is now causing many states/cities to go into lockdown, but I am beginning to think that this may be based on a false premise. Many medical doctors and scientists also have come to see a lockdown as a bad thing to do. Continue reading Lockdown

The Presidential Election

Vote by mail

When is time to acknowledge defeat in the Presidential election? Should Trump tell the world he has lost and Biden has won?

Let us start with some facts. Continue reading The Presidential Election