Monthly Archives: December 2020

Dawn of a new Presidency

Joe Biden Kamal Harris

This New Year’s Eve we Americans stand at the dawn of a new Presidency. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been certified by the Electoral College as the winners, so on January 20th they will be sworn in as President and Vice President. Continue reading Dawn of a new Presidency

Video Blog 3 Eye Health

Jumpin Jersey Mike
Jumpin Jersey MIke

Just wanted to update everyone on how my left eye is doing since a tear developed in late October. Continue reading Video Blog 3 Eye Health

Covid19 Hell Song

Angel of Death

Since today is Christmas and we are in the middle of a Covid19 pandemic. I thought a little song might cheer everyone up. Continue reading Covid19 Hell Song

Dr. Jill Biden

Jill Biden

Dr. Jill Biden and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article calling for her to drop the doctor in front of her name has become a flash point.

If the President Elect’s wife wants to be called doctor and she has the degree, she has a doctorate in education, that is well and fine for most of us. Continue reading Dr. Jill Biden