Monthly Archives: January 2021

We now know

Well now we know that our new President is leaning way left towards the Progressive agenda. Biden issued an Executive Order which is supposed to protect transgender women. Continue reading We now know

Inauguration of Joseph Biden

Joe Biden Kamal Harris

Tomorrow is the inauguration of Joseph Biden as President of the United States and Donald Trump is not going to be there. This is not the first time this has happened!

Three previous inhabitants of the White House also Continue reading Inauguration of Joseph Biden

What happened in Washington DC?

Washington DC Riot

This is my take on what happened in Washington DC. Some call them rioters, others insurrectionists and I call those who invaded the Capitol building and grounds idiots!

Yes, it is a sad day when a radical right wing splinter group decided to use a peaceful protest Continue reading What happened in Washington DC?

What party will be the majority?


Today the voters of Georgia are determining what party will be the majority one in the Senate of the United States. It will take only one of the two seats up for election to determine this. Continue reading What party will be the majority?