About Jumpin Jersey Mike

Jumpin Jersey Mike
Jumpin Jersey MIke

Long time resident of Central New Jersey.  A  Mechanical Engineer, Writer, History Buff and Computer Geek.

I am a political moderate and an open minded person.

My aim is to inform you on local New Jersey issues plus on National ones and if I also entertain you at the same time – that is great!

If you come away more informed and even laugh at some of my blogs my job is done.  The links included in my blogs give you further information on the topic I am writing about.  The length of my blogs is kept long enough so that you will not feel bored and yet keeps you informed.

While these blogs inform, they are balanced and done without taking a side (at least most of the time).  Something that the news organizations have forgotten.  And if I make you think/ponder on a subject, that is my intention.


This blog is a practical demonstration of my writing and blogging abilities.

If you need a local WordPress test site created or need help creating your WordPress site and are willing to pay (not free), contact me via the Contact Jumpin Jersey Mike page. I am looking for a job in this field or in similar pursuits, such as Ebay/Amazon, etc.

For those who want to hire me use the Contact Jumpin Jersey Mike page to obtain a copy of my resume by asking me for it.