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Are Anarchists at work?

Statue toppling

Are the anarchists at work? With the toppling of a number of statues throughout the United States there does seem to be a high probability that they are.

While statues of Civil War heroes have been vandalized and/or removed from their pedestals there also has been damage or removal Continue reading Are Anarchists at work?

Corinavirus the Facts Part 2

Corona Virus Workers

Coronavirus the Facts Part 2, this is a continuation of last weeks blog Coronavirus the Facts.

Last week I showed you where to find the facts on coronavirus (Covid-19) and this week I will further the discussion. Continue reading Corinavirus the Facts Part 2

Coronavirus the facts

Covid19 testing

Coronavirus the facts and no hype. I will discuss below the facts from trusted sources and hopefully without any of the political spin or media hysteria.

I will start with some information and facts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Continue reading Coronavirus the facts

Look on the Bright Side

Let us look on the bright side. The world has not ended, at least not yet, and Covid-19 pandemic has not been as bad as was predicted back in February/March.

Take a look at the Google Covid-19 Statistics page and you will see what your state’s situation is. I brought up the nation wide statistics and they look good to me. Continue reading Look on the Bright Side