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Our Weather is Worsening

Weather Map

Our weather is worsening. Some say it is due to global warming and others this is due to a cycle we are in. In either case there have been record temperature readings, more tornadoes and hurricanes plus other forms of bad weather conditions. Continue reading Our Weather is Worsening

Withdrawing from Afghanistan

Withrawal from Afghanistan

Some of you might know that the United States (US) and UN (United Nations) forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan. What I am going to talk about are the parallels between Afghanistan and Vietnam wars. Continue reading Withdrawing from Afghanistan

Today is the Fourth of July

Old Glory

Today is the Fourth of July. A day that should resonate within the American spirit. It is not a day for just watching fireworks or picnics. Nothing important happened? Wrong! It is the day that thirteen colonies declared to all the world that they were no longer part of the British Empire. That they were free and independent. Continue reading Today is the Fourth of July

Do we still have a Democracy?

Amerkican Democracy

Do we still have a democracy here in the good old USA? Maybe not for without the allowing of two sides of an argument there is no democracy! Today our government and private big business is suppressing information about the Coronavirus epidemic. Continue reading Do we still have a Democracy?