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Can Trump Nominate

Justice Ginsburg

Can Trump nominate a new Supreme Court Justice now? And should he? Those are the questions on many lips at this moment. Continue reading Can Trump Nominate

Verizon acquiring Tracfone


Verizon has announced that they will be acquiring Tracfone. This would give Verizon a big leg-up on AT&T and T-Mobile in the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) marketplace.

Per BestMVNO, “Verizon announced that it has agreed to acquire Tracfone, Continue reading Verizon acquiring Tracfone

Pandemic voting

Vote by mail

Due to the Corona virus pandemic voting is not going to be like it has been in the past. For most of us voting by mail will be the only option, while others will be able to use the internet to vote. Continue reading Pandemic voting

Yellow Journalism

Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism happened over 100 years ago and it has resurfaced in today’s news. President Trump calls ‘Fake News’ when he perceives the bias of the press and yet it is really our old friend yellow journalism. Continue reading Yellow Journalism