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Vaping is Dangerous!


Vaping is dangerous according Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Legislature. Thus, flavored vaping products are to be outlawed to prevent children from taking up vaping.

From NJBIZ, “Senate Bill 3265, which Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law on Tuesday, Continue reading Vaping is Dangerous!

Something right for the wrong reason

Phil Murphy the Governor and taxes

Sometimes our Governor does something right for the wrong reason(s).

Earlier this week New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy vetoed bill S4289 that would have allowed an exemption for some school districts to raise property taxes on residents above the 2% cap. Continue reading Something right for the wrong reason

What’s wrong with New Jersey

High property Taxes in NJ

What’s wrong with New Jersey? I know, a lot!

The taxes, from property to sales are way too high and our lovable (not!) political pundits seem to be in denial Continue reading What’s wrong with New Jersey

Non-moving suspension gone!

NJ Drivers license

Well New Jersey has finally ended suspending your drivers license for non-moving vehicle offenses.

Governor Phil Murphy signed Bill S1080 into law on December 20th. Now you will not be suspended for certain non-moving violations. Continue reading Non-moving suspension gone!