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Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy

New Jersey is closed!

Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy is moving from acting like an elected official to being a dictator!

His latest executive orders have become draconian. In his fugue state Murphy has Continue reading Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy

Hodgepodge of Information

Covid-19 update

The following is a hodgepodge of information and resources that I think useful in this time of the Corvid-19 pandemic.

Here is a website that has some legitimate money making ideas that can help in this time of need. Continue reading Hodgepodge of Information

New Jersey is closed!

New Jersey is closed!

By order of the governor- New Jersey is closed! Well that is what it seems like to me and the owners of the shops and stores that are now closed.

Executive order #104 states the following (per Governor Murphy’s website): Continue reading New Jersey is closed!

Ban on Plastic Bags

Plastic bags

Our New Jersey Legislature is at it again with a ban on plastic bags. This is just some ‘feel good’ legislation that really does nothing for the public or the environment.

From the BBC, “Paper bags require marginally fewer reuses than bags for life to make them more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bags. Continue reading Ban on Plastic Bags