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Creating a State Bank

Phil Murphy Progressive

So Governor Murphy is at it again with creating a State Bank. No other state has had created one in about hundred years.

From, “Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday took the first step toward creating a state-run bank, and he’s tapped a member of his administration touched by financial scandal to help develop the details. Continue reading Creating a State Bank

Wonderful New Jersey

Wonderful New Jersey happenings.

This Monday I had a wonderful surprise, the brake pedal in my car went to the floor! Fortunately for me this happened in a parking lot and not a few minutes earlier when I was on Route 1 in morning rush hour traffic. Continue reading Wonderful New Jersey

American Dream

American Dream will be opening tomorrow and you will have to pay to park, that is unless you only stay there for 30 minutes.

Here is what it will cost to park there, “Parking prices will vary based on the amount of time spent at the mall, starting free-of-charge and increasing up to $24. Here’s a look at the parking prices: Continue reading American Dream

Murphy must live on a different planet!

Phil Murphy the Governor and taxes

Governor Murphy must live on a different planet! He thinks that taxes do not matter.

Per an editorial by Senator Declan O’Scanlon in the Asbury Park Press, “Gov. Murphy showed his true colors when he told business leaders recently that New Jersey may not be their state if they are concerned about tax rates. Continue reading Murphy must live on a different planet!