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Why is Murphy Governor?

Murphy the taxer

I can not fathom why Murphy is still a popular governor. His latest debacle is that he waited till 10:00PM to declare a State of Emergency for New Jersey. Continue reading Why is Murphy Governor?

License Plate Frame ruling

License plate frame

Just about everyone’s car has a license plate frame. And if it covers either the state’s name or motto you can get a ticket.

Now the New Jersey Supreme Court has stepped in and said that the state needs to fix the law about how much is too much. Continue reading License Plate Frame ruling

Highest Taxes in the United States

Phil Murphy the Governor and taxes

Those who think that New Jerseyans don’t pay the highest taxes in the United States are very much misinformed. This state has the highest taxes of any and yet Governor Murphy can not for the life of him understand that the people of this state need major tax relief. Continue reading Highest Taxes in the United States

Phil Murphy, the Wizard of OZ?

King Murphy of NJ

Phil Murphy, the Wizard of OZ? Well the New Jersey Primary election is over now and we know who is running for governor. It is not like we really didn’t know beforehand what the outcome would be. I. For one, am not surprised at all. Continue reading Phil Murphy, the Wizard of OZ?