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New Jersey is killing electric vehicle sales


Money car

New Jersey is killing electric vehicle sales. Incentives in New Jersey are going away. And the legislature has passed a bill to charge a road tax fee of $250.00 per year as of July 1st and an additional $10.00 every year for four years. Continue reading New Jersey is killing electric vehicle sales

Tammy Murphy


Now that Tammy Murphy has suspended her campaign for the Senate as of this past Sunday. What will poor Phil do? Continue reading Tammy Murphy

Murphy giveth and taketh away



King Murphy of NJ


Murphy giveth and taketh away. This New Jersey governor has twice in recent history said no to granting the Turnpike Authority a toll hike and then a few months after the elections in November he decided to change his mind. Giving the authority it’s requested rate hike. Also in the last week Murphy’s administration has announced the school funding plan and oh my how bad it is! Too much take away and way too much is being handed to school districts that just waste the money given to them. Continue reading Murphy giveth and taketh away

Everything, but Taxes!

Everything, but Taxes!

The New Jersey legislature is addressing many issues and almost completely ignoring the giant problem that this state has. Property taxes are sky high and nothing is really being done to fix this monstrous burden that home owners are saddled with.
Continue reading Everything, but Taxes!