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Murphy messes up

MVC screwup

Murphy messes up again. I am sure by now that you have heard how badly the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) agencies reopening are going. For those who don’t know, from, Continue reading Murphy messes up

Calling us knuckleheads

New Jersey and Covid-19

Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy is calling us knuckleheads again! Why because in his mind some people are not following his rules.

With only a very short notice our wonderful governor (not!) has decided it would be best to not allow indoor dinning. Continue reading Calling us knuckleheads

Public Heath Emergency

Phil Murphy Progressive

Governor Phil Murphy has now extended the public health emergency executive order once again. This is a total of three times, which equals ninety days as each order automatically expires after thirty days. Will he again extend this order? My educated guess is yes! Continue reading Public Heath Emergency

Phil Murphy

New Jersey and Covid-19

Phil Murphy, the governor that never was any good. Our governor has shown in recent weeks how bad he is for New Jersey and I will now show you what I mean by that. Continue reading Phil Murphy