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Video Blog 3 Eye Health

Jumpin Jersey Mike
Jumpin Jersey MIke

Just wanted to update everyone on how my left eye is doing since a tear developed in late October. Continue reading Video Blog 3 Eye Health


Jumpin Jersey Mike
Musings by Jumpin Jersey Mike

I just wanted to update everyone, so I did a short video blog. Continue reading Update

No blog today!

No blog today due to the retina of my left eye has a tear. Can not see anything from that eye,

Doctor says it can be fixed and I will be able to see.

Will update when I can.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

New Dog Adopted

Today I will talk about the new dog I adopted. Some of you might have noticed the picture of a dog on the main page. That dog was my Joey who I had to put down last Summer due to multiple illnesses which could not be cured and were causing him to be in pain. Continue reading New Dog Adopted