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My first video blog

Here is my first video blog, maybe it is my second. But I did it many weeks ago.

It has bloopers within a real message about Covid-19 and masks. Continue reading My first video blog

If I only did this

Michelle Obama

Have you lately been thinking “If I only did this or If I had done that?” Well I have and it is happening more and more.

Is there some reason for doing this or is it a mental way of being resigned to one’s fate? Continue reading If I only did this

Corvid-19 Marches on

NYC Corvid-19

As the days now look like that they will turn into weeks or even worse months, the Corvid-19 virus marches on through the United States and throughout the globe.

Will social distancing work, can stay in place help and what will stop this pandemic are all things on our minds today. Continue reading Corvid-19 Marches on

The media is hyping us!


Please listen to what Doctor Drew is saying, he makes perfect sense in what he is saying. We are being hyped by the media and whipped into a panic over the corona virus.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike